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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pakogah, Jul 11, 2008.

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    if I have 2 ispconfig box (Box A as master DNS and BOX b as slave DNS), and when I specified new domain/zones on BOX does it can automatically inform the BOX b to add the new zones as slave ?

    and if I BOX A full (with user quota ) does it will create a new zone using BOX b ip address (but still I configure new domain/zones/user in box A)

    or they all will be available in ispconfig ver 3 ?
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  3. pakogah

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    ok that I am fully understand,
    and I thought by using ispconfig on 2 box, I can setup DNS server automagically.

    I wish there is tool like this:
    by configuring "BOX A you are Primary DNS Server, whatever zones I setup here, you must transfer them to BOX B". "BOX B you are Secondary DNS Server, whatever zones transferred from BOX A you must setup them as slave"

    So that I dont have to configure 2 box at once when I am adding new domain :D

    but anyway. thanks.
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