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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by ColdDoT, Mar 28, 2006.

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    first of all i'm running debian sarge. when is save a file from windows trough ftp on my linux box (or i just use vi with ssh)

    my files look all like

    %COLOR = (^M
    'n_1' => "<FONT COLOR=\"#FF0000\">", ## kleur-code nr.1 voor namen en teksten^M
    'n_2' => "<FONT COLOR=\"yellow\">", ## kleur-code nr.2 voor namen en teksten^M
    '<>' => "<FONT COLOR=\"#00FFFF\">",^M
    '-' => "<FONT COLOR=\"#FFFFFF\">",^M
    (small pice of a pl program)

    what are that ^M. because that my perl and cgi programms give a server error when i leav that in the line #!/usr/bin/perl^M. and is there a way to solve it.

    second i've running a pure-ftpd server and when i go to my server ftp.colddot.nl i get a welcom screen but i don't wanna have that i wanna have a direct inlog screen(this i have don trough internet explore)

    greets colddot
    i get this

    and i want this pleaz
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    This means you have saved the file with Windows linebreaks. You must save them with Unix linebreaks!

    I recommend to use an FTP client like smartFTP instead of the Internet Explorer.
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    is there any program what do the job for me.

    thx men
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