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    reading the forums here and on other sites I have seen a great deal of questions and CMS's, CRM's, forums, wiki's and other packages or software for web use and web design. I have also started to notice a trend where hosters will allow users to add packages to their personal website. My idea is to allow ispconfig customers to provide packages to their users that will provide these services. The user can then select the package he wants to install and the system will move it over to his website and start teh initial install script.

    It would work as follows:
    tarball archive or pkg file could be added to a general folder in ispconfig.
    Ispconfig administrators can then upload the packages to ispconfig.
    Once in ispconfig administrators have the option to allow the packages to be installed by users based on the users group or just users permissions.
    If user has proper permission he can then enter ispconfig, select his webserver, and then select the packages he wishes to include on his site.
    ISPconfig will then uncompress the package and install it to the default location or a location specified by the users. It will then either direct the user to the install script or will automaticly install the package for the user.

    to make configuration easy for the users the package could include an xml data file that will include the default settings for the website. script could also auto install and properly set up package. If no xml file is included it would just move the files over and direct users to the install/config file or directory.

    packages could be: typo3, joomla, phpbb2, smf, php-nuke(even though I hate php-nuke,) squirlmail, or any other requested packages out there.

    since this is a opensource product, a simple forum or download directory could be created on this site with recent versions of precreated packages available for administrators to download.

    Just a thought what are your opinions?
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