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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Martinss, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Martinss

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    Hello there!

    Yesterday i installed "the perfect Ubuntu Server" with ISPconfig. All seems to work fine, but i still can't get it, how to configure an normal subdomain.
    I searched in forums, but didn't found needed answer.

    I have a domain www.blabla.com for example.

    my www directory of www.blabla.com looks like:


    I want to create subdomain user.blabla.com which have its www directory named "user" (as you see in image), e.g. when i point my browser to http://user.blabla.com it goes to http://www.blabla.com/user, but adress in the adress bar of browser stays the same. Tryed to do it with FORWARD - but it redirects to blabla.com/user. :( Tryed to figure it out throught co-domain, but still nothing. :(
    Any help?
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  3. Martinss

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    Thank you! Will try that tomorrow. :)

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