Academy/school cms : can't start the script installation

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    My material is a remote server (VPS) that have LAMP and distro Ubuntu 16.04 installed and PHP 7 (Fast-CGI) enabled.

    I try to run the installation of the script SCHOEX from URL type :
    But the browser points to a blank page with simply this message : ERROR IN EXCEPTION HANDLER

    /////// QUESTIONS
    Please consider to view the installation section of the script documentation before to reply.
    - Does anyone know why this message appears ?
    - What can I do further to solve this issue ?


  2. till

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    You ensured that the software is compatble with PHP 7? A lot of PHP software does not fully support php 7 yet. Then you uploaded the the softare to the web folder of this website, right? Then you changed the owner of all files to the webID user and clientID group of that website (in case the file owner differs)?

    1) Try to disable the custom error pages checkbox in the website settings, then wait 1-2 minutes and try again to see if you get a different / more useful / error message.
    2) Check the error.log of this website for errors.
  3. Keoz

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    All fine now !

    I re-uploaded the script, create database and set it in the "database.php" file.
    As I was facing this new error message "Error in exception handler", I changed permissions on the "app/storage" folder and its sub-folders to chmod 777.
    Afterwards, I could start the script installation.

    Thanks for your kind guidances,


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