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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by generalecluster, May 9, 2015.

  1. generalecluster

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    I've installed ispconfig 3..0.5.4p5 on ubuntu server 14.04 LTS and NGINX.
    It's working perfectly.
    My server as its own domain name, let's say and NO ssl certificate at the moment; I'll buy one soon.
    Then, I have one of my clients who has the subdomain hosted on my server and they use it to access the webmail.
    The has its own SSL certificate and the client can access without problems.
    Now I'd like to allow the client to access the control panel via
    When I type , firefox throws a security exception saying the certificate is not valid. It's clear that it's using the self-signed certificate that has been created during ispconfig setup.
    How can I tell ispconfig to use the right certificate based on the domain used to access the control panel?
    Thank you.
    Kind Regards.
  2. VANKO

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    It's impossible. SSL Certificate can only be active on 1 domain (and unlimited sub-domains if rule *.domainname.tld is active).
    You can only redirect to domain with working SSL Cert (ISPConfig Login Page) by ISPConfig or manually by Apache Rule.

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