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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nandhu, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. nandhu

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    I followed FalkoTimme instructions in setting up the Fedora Core 4 and then installed ISP Config following the documentation on

    I enabled HTTPS installation.

    When I'm inside my LAN environment and I use and I can successfully see my ISP Config login page.

    When I'm trying to login from outside from my office network to my home machine which is where I've installed ISPConfig on FC4, i get the following error:

    You were denied access because:
    Access denied by access control list.

    But this time I accessed it with my FQDN name i.e and i got the above error message on my IE browser at work.

    I did not install Firewall on FC4 as I followed Falko's instructions of perfect setup of FC4. Similarly I disabled SELINUX as well at the time of installation.

    I've an ADSL modem/router, which has been configured to allow External Port: 443, 80 and 81 to internal port: 443, 80, 81 on the host:

    Also I've my dns configured with zoneedit and it works as such.

    Because when I try I can see the ISP Welcome Index.html page with my FQDN name on the blue bar.

    Also when I try I can see my default Apache/PHP configuration page on the FC4.

    I get the error only when I try on port 81

    Any information as how the ISP Config could be accessed off the internet will be very helpful.

    Thanks for your help in anticipation.

    - Nanda.
  2. falko

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    I guess your firewall at work does not allow to access anything at port 81... :( You should discuss this with the firewall administrator in your office.
  3. nandhu

    nandhu New Member

    Thanks for your help Falko.

    It has now been confirmed to be working, its just that my office network has blocked the port 81.

    - Nanda.

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