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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rabrol, May 7, 2007.

  1. rabrol

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    Hi all.

    I know I read this somewhere, but I can't find where! Hence asking in here....

    How do I access my ISPConfig sites when I am on the same LAN?
    I can access them fine from outside the network via their domain names, and I don't really want to go change the host files on a bunch of PCs.

    The server IP address is If I use the following domain names, how do I see the sites from within the LAN

    1 -
    2 -

  2. till

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    Either you change the hosts file or you configre your router to allow connections to your dyndns domains. This should works with most routers, but some routers have IP spoofing filters activated, that prevent the access of your external IP / domain from internal workstations.
  3. rabrol

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    So there is no way to get to a site purely via IP? e.g.

    I run smoothwall express as my router & firewall. Any hints as to how I ould configure it to allow the domain requests to go through (although it seems a bit of a waste going to the server via the web when it is in the same building!).

    Thanks again,
  4. till

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    THere is one other possibility that I forgot. Configure all your workstations so that they use one of your own dns servers, e.g. the bind server on the ispconfig server as dns server. Then define domains like, etc. on the ispconfig bind server and let them point to the internal IP addresses of the websites. Now assign as co-domain to the first website and you should be able to access the first website from your internal workstations when you enter in the browser.
  5. Zandooy

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    How I did it

    When I would try to access my domain from within my local network, I would be redirected to my router's settings like I was entering to configure my router. What I did was utilize a feature of my router called "DNS Server" which allowed me to make a list of domains and redirect them to my server's local IP address. For example, I wanted to access from within my network so I added with to the DNS Server list in my router. Now when I browse to it redirects to my server inside my LAN located at

    Hope this helps,

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