Accessing subdomain dir created by ispconfig, connection refused by server,

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Eugenm, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Eugenm

    Eugenm New Member

    Accessing ispconfig created web dir with ftp externally not working.
    Hi, I have a little project which I try to make working, but somehow it does not work..
    My server; Ubuntu 14.04 with the latest updates, Ispconfig updated, and pure-ftpd running too.
    I created website in subdomain with ispconfig;
    Also I created the ftp user for a php programmer, I did it with ispconfig to access only the website subdomain directory and do some work within the web directory folders only..
    I allow the ufw port 22, on the router the port forwarding is enabled with port 22 to my static external IP.
    Accessing from internet using FileZilla It does not work.
    Status; Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server".
    Please help, any idea ? Thanks a lot.
  2. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell Well-Known Member Staff Member Howtoforge Staff

    port 22 is for ssh, not ftp; try creating them an ssh user and using sftp (or open port 21 + a port range for passive ftp connections if you really want to use ftp)

    edit: port 21 is correct, I originally had 20 listed by mistake
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  3. Eugenm

    Eugenm New Member

    Hi, thanks a lot Jesse,,
    The reason I try to use the ftp, I like to use the Ispconfig 3 to create the user ftp account to access the subdomain website directory also I read the Ispconfig 3 requires to use Pure-Ftpd and I have installed the pure-ftpd on my Ubuntu server.
    Ok, I tried to use port 21, passive mode for the subdomain website ftp access, but no success .
    I did the router and network test with FileZilla.

    The results;
    Connecting to
    Connection established, waiting for welcome message.
    Response: 220 FZ router and firewall tester ready
    USER FileZilla
    Response: 331 Give any password.
    PASS 3.22.1
    Response: 230 logged on.
    Checking for correct external IP address
    Retrieving external IP address from
    Checking for correct external IP address
    Failed to retrieve external ip address, aborting
    Connection closed.

    It failed to retrieve external IP address?

    All on port 21 open, ufw active and enabled the port, I use static external IP address.
    Why this? what a test could I do to find the problem?
    Thanks Jesse,,

  4. Eugenm

    Eugenm New Member

    I spent a lot time reading this and that and I think I go nowhere with it,,
    So, let me ask someone here. please.
    Ok, I created a subdomain website ex; with ISPconfig 3.1, then I added to the website FTP user, it means I can call the website directory ?
    I use the ISPconfig 3.1 now, but I do not really know what it can do.
    I wish someone here give me more light to many questions I have,,
    Please help,,
  5. Eugenm

    Eugenm New Member

    Hi, I know there are many guys having the same problems with using FTP to access the ISPconfig created sites and FTP accounts directories, we just do not know what, how and a lot more...
    Accessing using the FileZilla FTP, many of them turn out to other software, and that was to be a kind of relief for them DA, solution.
    All together It is just a bundle of unknowns, but once you know all of this you are PRO, you can teach others with pride or be silent to your preference of who you want to be..
    The ISPconfig prefixes in created accounts and user creations is the another sort of contributor to the whole issues and if not known how to? you have a load of problems with accessing,, and this you have to look for everything yourself.
    Accessing already created websites with ISPconfig it is another piece of art of how to and continues Google diving, there are many ways I read which requires also a long studies and countless tries.
    I believe that FileZilla is a one of the free FTP elephant on your way, remember this,, since it is free, it is a reason to be FREE..
    The misguidance of other to others is another thing it is becoming a drama...
    Guys,, try this FTP test site;
    Works ok for me, the test says all is set properly and ready to receive connections.
    I know for sure,, I have to buy a good FTP client and get some support from them, they will give me the answers to some questions I may have if any about FTP access issues..
    Till then, have a nice day to everyone,
    I will be here soon and let you know more..
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  6. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell Well-Known Member Staff Member Howtoforge Staff

    Did you configure a port range for passive connections and allow that in ufw? See

    Do you mean the server has a static, public ip address? Or are you behind a NAT, so the server has an internal address, but clients connect to a public address? If the latter, do you have the correct public ip specified? (pure-ftpd's -P option).

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