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Discussion in 'General' started by maileh, Dec 10, 2021.

  1. maileh

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    Hi i have Cluster setup and somehow i delete my master DNS Nameserver from ISPconfig GUI and i try to add it again. It is ok but from the Tool under Resync Tab i no longer see the default server there. How can i re add it to appear on that tab again. From System Server and Config it is there . Also note i also note the Slave Nameserver have None as its Mirror of Server


    my Default Name Server got disappear from this list. how can i restore it ??
  2. Taleman

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    Name server should not show up in those rsync items you show in the image. It should be in DNS-records dropdown menu. Which is further down on that same page.
    Do you see name servers in ISPConfig GUI | System | Server Services -page?
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  3. till

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    How did you re-added it? There is no way to do it from ISPConfig GUI, you must use a backup from the dbispconfig database and export the one missing record from server table and then import that into your current dbispconfig database. ISPConfig is doing a SQL backup during updates, so you should fine one in a subfolder of /var/backup/.
  4. maileh

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    Thanks Till , i guess you are referring to the dbispconfig on the Master Server if not please confirm ??

    Also attached file is the Server Services tab for a Slave Nameserver where as Mirror option is none . If i reselect the Master Nameserver Now is that a good option ? Or should i fixed the issue above before doing that ??

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  5. maileh

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    Yes like i said on top i both see the new re added nameserver both on the System Server Config and Services tab and it is appear fine there. Except i now see the second nameserver do have the mirror of server field as none.

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