Accidentally removed system tray from top panel. Emergency!

Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by oliverb4ss, May 10, 2007.

  1. oliverb4ss

    oliverb4ss New Member

    I accidentally removed the system tray part of the top panel, where all the icons for the active programs are (eg. messenger, music player, uTorrent and so forth).

    It seems like they're just outside of the screen on the left side as the messenger notifications appear from that side, but I even don't have a panel there.

    I know it sounds like a stupid question, but I'm newbie at Linux and I really need the tray in order to access some of the stuff.
    Please help!

  2. nicolasdiogo

    nicolasdiogo New Member

    maybe this one - if your system is new

    assuming that you do not mind losing the preference for other packages (options and setting);

    you can delete the setting for all packages like this:

    logout of gnome or kde
    then click all at the same time

    ctrl + alt + 1

    this will take you to a blak screen (it is good)

    enter your username and password

    once you login then:

    cd ~

    this will take you to you home directory

    then create a back directory for all your settings

    mkdir settingsBackUp

    and move all setting into it:

    mv .* settingsBackUp

    now log back into your desktop with:

    ctrl + alt + 7 OR ctrl + alt + 9 (can not remember for sure)

    and the default settings should be used as when you login for the first time.

  3. oliverb4ss

    oliverb4ss New Member


    Thanks for taking your time to explain it to me, but I was panicing and didn't look at things carefully.

    It appears I just had to select "Add to panel" and scroll down to the utilities section from where I selected notification area.

    But so far this has been the most helpful forum I've been to regarding Linux :) .
  4. nicolasdiogo

    nicolasdiogo New Member

    try ubuntu forum

    if you have queries related to ubuntu, try the official forum,
    it is very good and fast

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