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    Hey Ispconfig3 people,

    I really wanted an easy way to create everything associated with a web account in one go. That's basically everything enumerated in the title. DNS is excluded because I don't use ISPConfig3 as a DNS server.

    So, in other words, instead of going through all sections of the ISPconfig3 gui (websites, ftp, db, mails), this script will create everything needed based on the domain name and usernames provided. Passwords are randomly generated. Other info like quotas can also be specified.

    Feel free to check out my script on github - and the associated soap_config.php file
    I will prettify it and eventually add a front-end to it, but until then it's ready to be used. Tested earlier on my development environment.

    It has mostly been a copy'n'paste'n'modify from the soap documentation and examples found in remote_client/example in the ispconfig tar.gz file . I noticed that some of the parameters in the examples were deprecated.
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