Add Default Footer/Signature For All Outgoing Emails

Discussion in 'General' started by icemaker, Feb 22, 2016.

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    How to Add Default Footer/Signature to all outgoing emails from the server?

    our legal department has requested to add a default signature that should be appended to all our outgoing emails.

    Samer Semaan
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    @sjau: Good that you found that, I remebered that Falko had written something like that but I could not remember the title :)
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    You just have to make sure you alter mail content before DKIM signing
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    hello, thanks guys, i tried that and im having an error in the configuration, another question is how to make it append this to all emails on server? without having to make a list with specific addresses?
  7. Jesse Norell

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    The way that disclaimer script is, just comment out the (2) lines starting with "if" and "fi". Note that howto has that script running on the smtp service, ie. all your incoming mail will be signed, too. Anyone using the submission or smtps service won't have the signature added, without changing those as well.

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