Addig second server to ISPConfig set up- question about IPs

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by smokinjo, Aug 11, 2020.

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    In order to reduce the load on my one server, I will be adding a second server to the ISPConfig network.

    In order to do this, I was told to add a new IP that is directed to new server.
    I am not sure what to do, but I will explain the situation.

    I have my server and have been using a static IP for it for a long time. This IP comes to my server and my router(pfsense) tells the request which server to use (mail/www, etc..).

    Now, I was told to get an IP that will then be directed at the new server
    How does one get the IP to be directed at a particular server? Pfsense will do this, I presume?

    I presume that my second IP needsseph to be pointed at the 1st server as well?

    I want to eventually set up the DNS as well in order to use my servers as my DNS. For this, I know that I will need IPs for each of the servers. Is this related?


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    You should tell what kind of network setup your hosts use.
    Since you already have one server set up, do the same things with the new one. Basically you get a static IP-number, install a new host and give it that IP (editing /etc/network/interfaces for example).
    If your PFSense firewall is between your hosts and Internet doing NAT, and your hosts use RFC 1918 private address space, then PFSense needs to forward traffic from the routable IP-adresses to the intranet addresses.
    Yes. Make a bookmark to this thread so you know where to find the info.
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    I see that I missed some details. I apologize for this.

    I am currently using 1 ISPConfig server(a virtual server) for my web/mail/DB needs, which is self hosted in our internal network.
    I use a static IP to my network.
    In order to reduce the load, I am now adding a 2nd ISPConfig server and will migrate all WWW and DB functions to a new server with ISPConfig(which will have more CPU power and RAM).
    Email will remain on original server.

    I am not doing this myself. I have someone helping me do this.

    The person told me that I need a second static IP that will be directed to the new ISPConfig sever.

    How do I direct an incoming static IP to my new ISPConfig server?
    Like I said I have PFSense as my router/firewall.

    Sorry for the confusion in my original post. I hope this paints a more clear picture of what I have, and what I am trying to do.
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    Did you even read the tutorial in the link I posted? Whether load balancing or otherwise, a pfsense router (or any other routers) can be configured to reroute your trafic whether web, db, mail etc to any specific server in your local area network.

    Of course simple router will have limitation and pfsense router can do more but how to configure them basically has nothing to do with ISPConfig.

    As for the migration, fully or partly, I think you already know that ISPConfig already have tools that you can purchase and use for that purpose.

    Buy that and if you have any question on how to use them, then open another thread and ask again with their regards.

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