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    Following situation. I have set up openvpn for remote clients, works all well. No the clients can contact servers by internal IP address, instead of the official IP addresses. To help the client I would add an second nameserver, the address is push out to the clients by openvpn, where the hosts are registered with their offiical names, but internal IP addresses. The primary and secondary official names and IP addresses are maintained by ISPConfig im my multiserver environment.

    When I now try do add domain.tld to a separate DNS server in the multiserver environment, ISPConfig tells me domain.tls already exists int the system. I dislike to setup a separate server wich a separate ISPConfigserver, just for some DNS queries, that can do my sql or web server beside the other dedicated servers.

    Any Idea

    Thank for help

  2. till

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    You will have to edit the ispconfig code and remove the duplicate check from zone name if you want to add a zone more then once.
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    Hello Tim,
    maybe my problem is not so common, but this mean with ISPConfig it is not possible o make something like a dual headed nameserver. That means someone has internal net with hosts reachable via NAT from the internet and server on the internet in the the same zone. Means they need two nameservers one providing internals addresses for the internal server + the external addresses for servers on the internet and a second nameserver providing the external addresses for all servers reached over the internet for user outside.
    For me that is solved by having two ISPConfig systems, one on the internal net and another on the external net. No the VPN comes in too.
    So I have an enhancement request, to do the duplicate check only on the same nameserver, but not if the domain will be added on a separate other server in a multiserver system.

    Thank you


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