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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by martend, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. martend

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    I am about to do a fresh install of Ispconfig on a dedicated server with Debian minimal installation as my OS.
    I want to run several domains under Ispconfig, each with its own IP address.
    In total I have four IP's on two gateways with different subnet like this:

    IP1 1.22.333.4 gateway 1.22.333.1 subnet
    IP2 1.22.333.12 gateway 1.22.333.1 subnet

    IP3 1.22.888.77 gateway 1.22.888.1 subnet
    IP4 and another ip-address

    The first IP address is the address of my server, 2,3,4, etc. are assigned later.
    My server has one ethernetcard (eth0)

    Will ISPconfig automaticly take care of the routing, dns etcetera when I enter the IPs in the admin interface? Or do I need to change e/n/interfaces, DNS etc. manually before installing ISPconfig?

    My DNS file is currently setup as an slave, so that BIND9 (ISPconfig) could handle this. I can change this setting in the panel of my ISP (Hetzner), to create a standard zone file, with the credentials of ISP1.

    So far I only installed the OS, I did test out ISPconfig with 1 IP address before. but I got conflictions with SSL certificates, thats why I want to have 1 IP per domain. What would be the course of action to adchieve this?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. till

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    you have to configure the network in /etc/interfaces manually before you install ISPConfig. After ISPConfig installation, add the IP addresses in ISPConfig under System > Server IP so that they show up in ISPConfig for the websites.
  3. martend

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    Thanks you for answering Till,

    Will do this first, but I asume further configuration, DNS zones etc, is also needed since the auto-configuration is not recommended? (just to be shure :) ),

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