adjusting keyboard layout of Xen installation

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    Dear all

    I am migrating a few Ubuntu LTS server installations from physical to virtual machines cleaning things up during the procedure.

    I am using the tutorial Installing Xen On An Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Server From The Ubuntu Repositories. I like the tutorial a lot. I've lived through quite a few frustrations reading XEN books, forum threads, etc. It's actually the first text that gives me a good hands-on approach leading to a working XEN installation. :D

    I have one problem though. I don't quite manage to change the keyboard layout properly. The original 8.04LTS installation used a Swiss German (sg) keyboard layout. After switching to the XEN kernel the keyboard layout is en-us. When I try to use Ubuntu tools such as console-setup or console-data I can change the keyboard layout, however, after changing it, the XEN tools don't work properly anymore and TTY1 never shows a prompt (TTY2 - TTY5 work okay). :(

    Is there a XEN buff out there who can help me with this?
    Can the keyboard layout be changed during XEN installation?
    What is my mistake?
    Is the procedure the same or different for dom0 and domU?

    Many thanks in advance!

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