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    Changing system file permissions caused the problem. Apparently I had changed the system security for the file system to easy when at OS install I had selected secure. Changing back to Secure solved the problem with the user/group ID.

    somehow I have messed up the admispconfig userid/group id in my suse10.0 system. editing the /etc/password /etc/shadow and etc/group files is not helping and I have to run yast over putty as the machine is remote from me.

    I have repeately removed all reference to the userid and group admispconfig via yast and the double checked the /etc files but still at the end of the install get error msgs about the admispconfig userid or group.

    Before I post for help in some suse forums I wonder if you have any advice ?

    I just happened to see that my security setting had the filesystem permissions set to easy, I dont remember changing it from secure which I selected at initial OS install but I must have changed it somehow. Anyway setting it back to secure "appears" to now make the admispconfig user work properly. Going to try another ispconfig install and see.

    after last install try I have this (from yast)
    admispconfig│Administrator ISPConfig │1001 │admispconfig
    admispconfig│1001 │admispconfig,admispconfig

    I am also wondering what method the install uses to create this id as I might have set some restrictions for IDs that conflict with the proper creation ?
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