Advanced ISPConfig Installation Wizards for websites.

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by FeraTechInc, May 2, 2007.

  1. FeraTechInc

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    I was just wondering if this has ever been brought up, or if there has been consideration for development of installation wizards for client websites?

    For example step by step Wizards that would install a CMS, OSCommerce or Forums like PHPBB.

    ISPConfig could come with the latest installs as an option or the admin can download them and set them up in ISPConfig.

    Then the client can simply go to the Wizard and through a few simple steps have the CMS he wanted automatically set up. Since it is already uploaded on the server it would only take a second to copy it to his own website. Then the wizard would automatically take him to the CMS installation screen. Which most CMS system have a pretty simply setup.

    You could even have the Setup automatically CHMOD all the files and directories to the proper permissions and have a popscreen come up with the MYSQL database username and password which are automatically generated.

    We currently use the Xoops CMS and are developing a port for OSCommerce to be used inside the Xoops CMS system making it the total solution for any and all website needs.

    We would also be happy to help develop the Wizards to install the Xoops CMS along with additional Modules that could be automatically installed as well.
  2. AllanJ

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    Good idea

    It has been brought up, actually I made one for TYPO3 if you look just a few posts down form this one :).

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