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  1. aldo

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    I trying to redirect an aliasdomain to subfolder of an existing domain (site) but I have two problems.
    Main domain: domain1.tld
    Alias domain: domain2.tld
    Root of domain1.tld is [path_of_main_site]/web/
    Root of domain2.tld is [path_of_main_site]/web/subfolder/
    Alias domain website uses resources (images and DB) of the main website.
    Browsing http://domain1.tld is ok
    Browsing http://domain1.tld/subfolder/ is ok

    First problem
    Browsing http://domain2.tld you are redirected to http://domain2.tld/subfolder/
    Is it possible to hide "subfolder/" from URL?

    Second problem (I solved this problem with a symlink; so please ignore it if doesn't exist a better way)
    The site of domain2.tld uses images located in [path_of_main_site]/web/images/ with href like ../images/portfolio/image1.jpg
    and the images are not shown.
    Is there a way to refer to the images folder?

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  2. till

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    One option would be to use a vhost aliasdomain, but that's available in ISPConfig 3.1 only.
    Another option which works with ISPConfig 3.0.5 is to set a custom reqrite rule in the .htaccess file of the website like this:

    Using a symlink is a good option here in my opinion.

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