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    I tried creating an Aliasdomain link to a Vhost and was unsuccessful.
    The only way I was to create the link was to link the Aliasdomain to the website and a redirect in the index file to the Vhost
    aliasdomain.dom > myhome.dom > index.php which redirects to vhost.myhome.dom
    Is there a way to do it directly
    aliasdomain.dom > vhost.myhome.dom
    or in many cases to the www host of the domain
    aliasdomain.dom > www.myhome.dom
    What am I missing?
    p.s. The vhost domains don't appear in the parent website list for new aliasdomains
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  2. For redirection, use mod rewrite rules in .htaccess
  3. ITI

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    An alias domain should not require redirection.
    Your suggestion is not much better than what I have done in the index.php file. Both work but are not correct solutions.
    It may very well be that this is a minor bug in ispconfig so thanks for the alternative Idea.
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    If this is related to ISPC, you should use ISPC > Sites > Aliasdomain for website or ISPC > Sites > Aliasdomain (Vhost) to create alias domain with ISPC. The later will have the advantage of having its own vhost, ssl, php etc. If it is not, then modifying your respective website vhost is one of the way to do it.
  5. yep, alias domain should not require redirection. Since you are redirecting from index, its alternative to use .htaccess
    Having own vhosts will be good idea as well suggested by ahrasfs
  6. ITI

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    Well I close!
    Using the Aliasdomain I needed to add:
    First set the "Redirect Type" to "no flag"
    Then enter the full url in the "Redirect Path"

    This did the trick quite nicely.
    Thanks for the reply.
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