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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Lord_Garfield, Oct 7, 2005.

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    I was reading down these forums a long time ago. (realy like the site and stuff). I decided to become a member becouse all the stuff here is just what I was looking for.

    Now my first problem is that I readed on this forum something about an alternative for ispconfig. also a free config panel. I search for it and i can't find it anymore.

    So question. What are some alternatives for ISPconfig config that I could check out? (best are the free ones)

    Why alternatives for ISPconfig? well I wanne try some stuff out. Not only ISPconfig. You can try coca cola and like it but it does not mean you can't taste pepsi or River right? (Maybe you like them to)

    tanks in advance.

    I'm a linux noob that wants to learn more about the hosting stuff. I'm a php programmer and write mysql querries. I design sites etc... but I don't know the stuff where it all runs on.. So I want to learn that to. This site realy looks nice to learn this :)
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    Plesk, CPanel, WHM, DirectAdmin, VHCS, SysCP, Webmin,... Also have a look at :)
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    Welcome LG,

    I personally like Dr. Pepper :). As far as CPanels's are conderned, I think most of them are well made. It really comes down to support of the product. That's why I stuck around here. The devs support there product as much as they can.

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