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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by stevieb_, May 16, 2014.

  1. stevieb_

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    I am trying to work out the best way to copy/install/multiserver/condense the following down.

    server 1 ispconfig 3.* debian etc etc
    server 2 ispconfig 3.* debian etc etc
    server 3 cpanel. debian etc etc
    server 4 currently awaiting an installation.

    These servers where all setup individually for various customers, but after some negotiations they are all going to now belong to one company, now none of the servers are doing a great deal of work, so my idea is to condense them down to 2 systems.

    primary server running primary dns, primary email, slave mysql, slave apache
    secondary server running secondary dns, secondary email, primary mysql, primary apache.

    There are currently sites hosted on 3 out of the 4 servers, including email systems etc. "server 3" has the main bulk of the sites and the largest db's. but has only been running as a secondary mail server for some months now.

    Is there a simple way of joining 2 of the ISPconfigs' together so they run from a singular ispconfig login, then moving the other 2 servers on to them?

    As you can see I have a spare server sitting there that can take a fresh installation of ISPconfig if that makes life easier in the long run.

    Just after some ideas or pointers in which would be the most efficient/easiest way of getting to where it needs to be?

    Any thoughts would be most helpful.

    (ps I have read the mirror system guide and the multiserver guide, just unsure as to which would be easiest, most beneficial for me to implement in this scenario)
  2. stevieb_

    stevieb_ New Member

    Ok I decided to go for a master - master mysql replication + unison + 2 ispconfig interfaces.

    Everything was singing along nicely .............

    I added a mysqldump from the largest of the sites and now have a host of problems.

    1) all special characters are being changed in the DB .. im sure this is a mysql setting ..
    2) im getting mysql errors on 1 of the servers . (second installation)

    Tue May 20 16:14:14 BST 2014 DB::__construct Access denied for user 'ispconfig2'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
    Tue May 20 16:14:14 BST 2014 PHP Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'ispconfig2'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/classes/ on line 72
    Tue May 20 16:14:14 BST 2014 PHP Warning: mysqli::close(): Couldn't fetch db in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/classes/ on line 82

    3) mysql error on the other server ...

    May 20 16:07:33 beta mysqld: 140520 16:07:33 [Warning] Unsafe statement written to the binary log using statement format since BINLOG_FORMAT = STATEMENT. INSERT... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE on a table with more than one UNIQUE KEY is unsafe Statement: INSERT INTO searchcore (username, contenttypeid, primaryid, groupcontenttypeid, groupid, ipaddress, userid, dateline, searchgroupid)

    Replication is working fine though ?
    file copying is working fine.

    I havent been asked about a user ispconfig2 ? so am at a loss here as to where it has come from at all.

    and what database can it not find?

    any help pointers please?
  3. stevieb_

    stevieb_ New Member

    ok .. we have progress.

    still getting ispconfig2 user errors on the db.

    now I have server 2 as a mirror of server 1 ...

    Could I in theory (and practice) tell ISPconfig that it is not a mirror ...

    just use unison + master / master replication

    so that I can then utilise the services on the second server but still keeping it all synced?

  4. stevieb_

    stevieb_ New Member

    I am once again getting ispconfig2 user errors on the mysql db ? any one know why this has just randomly started happening again?

    I am also getting a lot of denied requests for dns now ?

    there have been no configuration changes at all.

    Help ?
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    How did you solve it the last time? Flush hosts?

    This can be ok, depending on the type of requests. It might just be that someone tries to misuse your system as open resolver and your server denies the requests correctly.
  6. stevieb_

    stevieb_ New Member

    Last time I backed up the master db and resynched to the slave manually by reuploading the whole db structure, and restarting the master/master replication again.

    It went away for a while now it has reappeared, so I suppose my question is where is it coming from that has now changed/would have now changed?

    Regarding DNS I thought that but NS1 has stopped "responding in a timely manner" to external sources .. I cannot fathom why.

    I am half tempted to scrap the setup and go back to 4 separate servers lol im starting to get grey hairs :0 lol
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Mysql replication is really a pain, the replication degrades without nearly no reason. Personally I would use for website databases a single mysql server were possible and achieve high availability e.g. with virtualisation technologies. the other servers and ispconfig itself does not require mysql replication. So it all comes down to the website databases only. Maybe this gets better in future with percona cluster, but the classic mysql replication needs always a lot of attention.

    If you find the reason e.g. failed query in the log and you see that this failoure could have been ignored by mysql, then you can try to add the error code to mysql's ignore list.

    Mysql also released just some new cluster tools that have some nice functions to setup a replication up and maintain it. maybe these can help you. I did not had the time to test them yet.
  8. stevieb_

    stevieb_ New Member

    I agree mysql replication is a complete pain.

    I am thinking that it might be easier to just run a slave server from the website end. (vbulletin stylee)

    and only give the users one interface to log into, atm they can log into either server on the ISPconfig side and do whatever is needed and the changes are pushed across to the other server.

    The only 2 errors in the log files are :
    a warning about writing statements to binary log files which can be solved with format=row . (server 1)
    and the dbispconfig2 user . (server 2)
    even though the user is present on both servers AND with the same permissions on both servers.
  9. stevieb_

    stevieb_ New Member

    yay !

    only errors left are to do with unsafe binary logging and dns cache denied ...

    neither of which I am going to be worrying about atm.

    for some reason the server ID + password had changed in the amavis.conf file hence the dbispconfig2 user error :S

    tracked it down sorted it .. will see how she runs over the next couple of days _before_ adding in a load of ssl certificates ..

    any whatnottodo's on ssl adding before I get there ? :D

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