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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by smartmobili, Dec 1, 2014.

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    I have installed latest version of ISPConfig on a CentOS7 following the guide "The perfect server ..." but I have a weird problem.
    When I add a FTP-User to a site, I enter for instance the username "bug" and when I click Save buton I can see that the username has been change to "smartdevbug", smartdev is the username of my client.

    Is is normal ?

    1) I create a new ftp user named bug

    2) Once I have clicked Save I can see that username is now smartdevbug

    3) If I click on edit I can see smartdev as a part of a static label followed by the username bug
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  2. till

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    Yes, thats normal and also required on a system that hosts multiple clients as FTP users have to be unique on a linux system and not just be unique for the domain name, therefor the username of the client gets prepended to the ftp user.

    This function is freely configurable and if you want to take care on uniqueness of ftp usernames manually, then just remove the prefix under System > interface config.
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    Ok but in this case I would prefer to display it from the beginning, its a nonsense to display it after my action ...

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