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    I have done your guide too, and at the end I seem to come up with a few problems.

    Squirrelmail responds like this after login:

    the main field:
    Error: Could not complete request.
    Query: SELECT "INBOX"
    Reason Given: Unable to open this mailbox.

    the left menu:
    ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.
    Query: SUBSCRIBE "INBOX.Sent"

    I did the /src/configtest.php stuff with squirrel, but it says everything is ok.

    telnet localhost 25 runs fine too...

    And I dont seem to find any emails.
    I have sent a few to the account i created with mailx, but i can't find them anywhere. They are supposed to be in like /home/vmail/.... no?

    /var/log/maillog doesnt give ny other warning than
    a mail1 dccproc[2595]: no working DCC .... at but only one line. (Athough somehow it forgot it's dns servers at startup, had to input them by hand by the GUI tool later)

    If u know any way to debug the workings of postfix & co, that would help too!

    Yours Sincererly

    Laszlo Balogh
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    I just encountered what appears to be the same issue on my UBUNTU server when I tried applying a virtual users based Tutorial to it too!

    Do you run ISPConfig on this server?
    If so you will want to reverse the actions you have taken following the Tutorial to restore e-mail server function.

    Hope this helps you?

    Best Regards
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    What's in your mail log when you send a message to that account with mailx?

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