Any firewall antiDDOS 2000k ffp that works well with ispconfig3 wheezy nginx?

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    I've been looking and it has worked this formula
    I do not know if you block other things, but at least stopped http and DDOS flood

    SYNFLOOD = "0"
    SYNFLOOD_RATE = "100/s"
    SYNFLOOD_BURST = "150"
    currently the RATE is 100/s and BURST can upto 150. This can be varry from server to server.

    3.8 To protect your server any specific port from DOS attacks, you can define it in PORTFLOOD tag. This option limits the number of connections per time interval that new connections can be made to specific ports. By default its empty and i did like to limit 20 connections per 5 sec to port 80 (webserver).

    SYNFLOOD = "0"
    SYNFLOOD_RATE = "20/s"

    PORTFLOOD = ""
    It defines protect port 80 running on protocol tcp, 20 connections per 5 seconds. Use the same for more ports followed by semmi colon ;.
    3.9 Define email address to which you need to get alerts and define email address to which you want to get.
    The change the bellow mail address to your required mail ID

    PORTFLOOD = "80;tcp;20;5"

    more info

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