Any module for docker containers management ?

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  1. Keoz

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    It seems that NGSurvey community edition app, and some other web apps that I am interested in, are best to install in a “docker“ container : ;

    *** Q1 ***
    As far as you know, is the docker techno is greedy (server capacity) ?

    *** Q2 ***
    Does ISPConfig 3 now comes with kind of module and UI to manage “docker“ images ?

    *** Q3 ***
    If not (Q2), is it safe to install docker containers and apps from terminal, on same server where other apps were installed using ISPConfig panel ?

  2. till

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    1) This probably depends on how you use the server. If you run a single website on the server, then there is probably not much overhead. if you run many sites, then there will be a lot of overhead.
    2) No
    3) Yes
  3. Keoz

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    Thank U

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