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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rashid, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. rashid

    rashid New Member

    I have a samba pdc. and all user exist this pdc.
    but I want to another Linux machine connect with samba pdc . and pdc user access this Linux machine share.

    please give me any idea.

    Rashid Kkan
  2. yuvalinux

    yuvalinux New Member

    Samba PDC

    Hi Rashid

    Can i know which linux flavour you are using.

    so that i can help on this issue.

  3. rashid

    rashid New Member

    I have a CnetOs

    I have a CnetOs 5.3

  4. JanJacobs

    JanJacobs New Member

    if i understand correctly, you want domain users to access another linux server?
    you should install samba on the 2th linux machine, then let it authenticate against the first pdc..
    that way, it will use the same database as the first machine does!
  5. rashid

    rashid New Member

    your mean i copy all samba pdc database in 2nd pc.
  6. JanJacobs

    JanJacobs New Member

    not really no..
    google for Domain replication ;)

    Windows servers allow master/slave roles..
    whereas one server is the master, ad others are slaves, who receive their data from the master only, i think samba allows for such as well

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