Any tips for someone who is trying to navigate/ manage filesystems for the first time

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    My first time being in the command line and really kinda daunting trying to learn all these different shell commands and functions and trying to retain all this information, was there any tricks or tips that made you remember the different commands better or was it just repetition ? or maybe a mixture of both? anyways any answer is appreciated:)
  2. There is lots on youtube, try the commands and try them again.
    There are some great cheat sheets

    Linux Commands Videos:

    I have a separate search for apache commands: apache is what ISPConfig typically uses.

    Finally you are going o make mistakes and you want to quickly wipe out an OS and recreate another OS for practicing and testing. Ill let you look for videos.
    You can use a few virtualization:
    On Windows 10 PRO not Win10 home, you can install HyperV
    vmware 15 player runs on Win10
    Virtual Box
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