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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dwpondscum, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. dwpondscum

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    I have installed Apache 2, and am working toward a dovecot sytem on Fedora 7. Apache is working fine with the exception on how my domain name is resolved with my machine. I have a simple router using port forwarding to my linux box with a static IP address for the public and private ip addresses. The hostname of my linux box is mail.domain.com. Domain.com is registered to the public ip address of my router.

    I can browse to the following and they work fine:

    But http://www.domain.com does not work. I have the same setup working on another linux box. What am I missing? I even tried changing the hostname to www.domain.com. Still http://www.domain.com would not work. This machine will host the http and mail MX records, so apache and dovecot will be running on the same machine.


  2. topdog

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    You need a DNS record www.domain.com pointing to your public ip address.
  3. dwpondscum

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    That is what I thought as well. After some other investigation. Turns out the ISP did not have that setup on their end! Figures, it would have been something simple. Now if I could just get that dent out of my monitor shaped like my head!


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