Apache monitoring and restart if down?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Kira, Mar 1, 2015.

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    I am having some trouble with my apache recently, it just sometimes hangs and the websites are no longer accessible. Unfortunately this always happens at the worst times when I can not react immediately.

    Since I haven't found the issue yet, I'd like to setup a monitor service in the meantime to automatically restart apache if something is not working correctly.

    I've found M/Monit, this seems to be exactly what I am needing - tho.. I am kinda very confused with the configuration. :(

    It has to check if apache is running, and restart it if not - and also should test HTTP requests to see if apache is running, but not working properly anymore. I think that's possible with this config: http://www.mmonit.com/monit/documentation/monit.html#HTTP

    But yeah.. as I said, I am a bit overwhelmed with the setup, and don't want to make any mistakes there.. so if anyone could give me a helping hand there, that'd be great! I've installed the server following the standard ISPConfig tutorials for Debian.

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    Did you try the isconfig rescue system (System > Server Config >Rescue) which can also monitor apache and restart it on failure.

    If you wnat to go with monit, whch is a good choice as well, then use one of the monit guides from Falko here at howtoforge, they work fine on ISPConfig servers.

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