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  1. verticon

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    I have an issue where a client of mine is trying to install an APS package, however the wrong domain name shows up in the list. I tried to search for this in the existing forums, but it appears my issue is unique.

    For example: customer1 is setting up WordPress however they see customer2's domain name and they don't see their domain name. To get around this, I had to log in as admin and select the correct domain and customer, but it's happening with all customers.

    Currently running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and ISPConfig
  2. till

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    Thats starnge, havent seen that yet. You ca try to check it in the database, the domains are in the web_domain table. The onwer is definy by the sys group id, it should match with the default group of the client in the sys_user table.
  3. verticon

    verticon New Member

    It's very strange. I did a compare of the tables as you mentioned and the owners from the two tables match and are correctly aligned to the associated domain names. Any other suggestions?
  4. grungy

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    Having the same issue, user who tries to install any script via APS will get a list of some other user's domains.....
  5. grungy

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