Ask: how to setting crontab for blacklists (dansguardian)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by abadi, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. abadi

    abadi New Member

    Hi guys,

    I just installed dansguardian, and i plan to upgrade the blacklists every month, is there anyone in this forum know how to setup it in crontab? thanks!
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    I dont know dansguardian, but if you know the command that is used to update the blacklist and post it here, I can tell you the crontab entry to run it monthly :)
  3. abadi

    abadi New Member

    Hi Till,

    This is the script to do the download and update DansGuardian automatically, but i dont know how to put it in the crontab? thanks for your help!

    # UpdateBL - refresh DansGuardian Blacklists
    # Version: 0.9.2-Lince (Juan J. Prieto <[email protected]>)
    # Date: Oct 29 2002
    # Author: Fernand Jonker <[email protected]>, based largely on
    # the work of Christopher Rath <[email protected]>
    # Updated: Sat 27th December 2003 for new provider
    # A sysadmin named Mike posted the original script to one of the
    # ClarkConnect Forums. It was then rewritten quite extensively by
    # Christopher Rath to make it more configurable and to include error
    # checking. Thereafter it was customized by Fernand Jonker for
    # use with DansGuardian.
    # Copy this script to a convenient location and have cron
    # periodically run it to keep your blacklists updated. Please
    # limit automated downloads to twice or ideally once a week to
    # prevent bandwidth wastage. There is also no point in downloading
    # more often as the lists won't change that much.
    # Ensure you have wget installed on your server - you can obtain
    # it from
    # Caveat: when UpdateBL moves the new Blacklists into place it
    # only replaces Blacklists; that is, if a new Blacklist is not
    # downloaded for a particular category then the old list will
    # remain in place. This is a design feature: to allow you to
    # have local Blacklists which are never overwritten/refreshed
    # by this script.
    # Info on Dansguardian and Blacklists can be found at:
    # No copyright retained. This script is in the Public Domain.
    # This package is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
    # WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

    # History
    # 0.9 - Sept 1, 2002 - original release.
    # 0.9.1 - Sept 4, 2002 - changed DG restart command and added cron
    # information - minor cosmetic changes.
    # 0.9.2 - Sept 9, 2002 - changed default download to the small test
    # file and added history
    # 0.9.2-Lince - Oct 29 2002 - Now check for update before. Support
    # for LEAF Bering Firewall (busybox)
    # 0.9.2-Dan - Fri 24th January 2003 - Added comment about commerciality

    # Don't allow undefined variables.
    set -u

    # Settings you must configure.
    # BL_URL - the Blacklist's URL - test file enabled by default.
    # You must change this to the bigblacklist to download the
    # full blacklist file.
    # B_PATH - where the Blacklist database is stored.
    # SG_UGID - the userid and group which must "own" the Blacklist
    # database files (format: "<userid>:<group>)
    # DG_PATH - where the DansGuardian Binary is located
    export BL_URL=${BL_URL:=""}
    export BL_URL_INFO=${BL_URL_INFO:=""}
    #export BL_URL=${BL_URL:=""}

    # IMPORTANT - The blacklist is COMMERCIAL. If you download without a subscription you
    # are stealing. You may try 1 download of the big list for free to test.
    # For details see:

    export BL_INFO_FILE="/etc/dansguardian/blacklists/"
    export DB_PATH=${DB_PATH:="/etc/dansguardian/blacklists"}
    export HOME_DIR="/tmp"
    export SG_UGID=${SG_UGID:="nobody:nogroup"}
    export DG_PATH=${DG_PATH:="/usr/sbin"}
    export UNCOMP_CMD="/bin/gunzip"
    export UNTAR_DIR="blacklists"
    export VERS="0.9.2"

    # Create a few working variables.
    #export BL_TAR_BASE="`basename ${BL_URL}`"
    export BL_TAR_BASE="blacklists.tar.gz"
    export BL_TAR_FULL="${HOME_DIR}/${BL_TAR_BASE}"
    export TMP_DIR="/tmp/blacklists"
    export http_proxy=""

    # We need to check for updates
    export BL_URL_INFO=`wget -q -Y on "${BL_URL_INFO}" -O - | head -n 1`
    export BL_DATE_NEW=`echo ${BL_URL_INFO} | tr , \\\n | tr -d \" | head -n 1`
    export BL_MD5SUM_NEW=`echo ${BL_URL_INFO} | tr , \\\n | tr -d \" | grep -v "${BL_DATE_NEW}" | head -n 1`
    if [ -e ${BL_INFO_FILE} ]
    export BL_DATE=`cat ${BL_INFO_FILE} | grep "DATE:" | sed 's/DATE://'`
    if [ "${BL_DATE}" = "${BL_DATE_NEW}" ]
    # No new update:
    # aborting Blacklist refresh.
    exit 0

    # Starting Blacklist update:
    # We use $TMP_DIR as a working directory for wget and the untar process,
    # so we start by cd-ing into it. We create it if it doesn't exist, and
    # if there is already something in the way then we abort.
    if [ ! -d "${TMP_DIR}" ]
    if [ -e "${TMP_DIR}" ]
    echo "ERROR: ${TMP_DIR} already exists, but isn't a directory;"
    echo " aborting Blacklist refresh."
    exit 1

    mkdir "${TMP_DIR}"

    cd "${TMP_DIR}"
    if [ "$?" != "0" ]
    echo "ERROR: unable to cd into working directory,"
    echo " ${TMP_DIR}"
    exit 1
    if [ -f "${BL_TAR_FULL}" ]
    rm -f "${BL_TAR_FULL}"

    if [ -f "./${BL_TAR_BASE}" ]
    # Removing old ${BL_TAR_BASE}.
    rm -f "./${BL_TAR_BASE}"

    # Running wget to retrieve new lists.
    wget -q -Y on "${BL_URL}" -O blacklists.tar.gz
    if [ "$?" != "0" ]
    echo "ERROR: unable to retrieve new lists,"
    echo " aborting blacklist refresh."
    exit 1
    # Succesfully retrieved new lists.

    # Uncomment if you have md5sum program installed

    # echo "Checking md5sum"
    # export BL_MD5SUM=`md5sum ${BL_TAR_BASE} | tr \ \\\n | head -n 1`
    # if [ "${BL_MD5SUM_NEW}" != "${BL_MD5SUM}" ]
    # then
    # echo "ERROR: md5sum doesn't match,"
    # echo " aborting blacklist refresh."
    # rm -f "./${BL_TAR_BASE}"
    # cd /tmp
    # rm -rf ${TMP_DIR}
    # exit 1
    # fi

    # Untaring Blacklist archive.
    gunzip blacklists.tar.gz
    tar -xf blacklists.tar
    if [ "$?" != "0" ]
    echo "ERROR: unable to extract new lists,"
    echo " aborting blacklist refresh."
    exit 1
    # Moving new lists into place.
    for i in "${UNTAR_DIR}"/*
    export ib="`basename ${i}`"
    if [ -d "${DB_PATH}/${ib}" ]
    rm -rf "${DB_PATH}/${ib}"

    mv "${UNTAR_DIR}/${ib}" "${DB_PATH}"


    # Remove temporary files and folders.
    cd /tmp
    rm -rf /tmp/blacklists

    # Change owner and permissions.
    chown -R "${SG_UGID}" "${DB_PATH}"
    chmod -R 755 "${DB_PATH}"

    # Writting information in and blacklst.version
    echo "DATE:${BL_DATE_NEW}" > ${BL_INFO_FILE}
    echo "MD5SUM:${BL_MD5SUM_NEW}" >> ${BL_INFO_FILE}
    echo "${BL_DATE_NEW}" > /var/lib/lrpkg/blacklst.version
    chown root:root /var/lib/lrpkg/blacklst.version
    chmod 644 /var/lib/lrpkg/blacklst.version

    # Restarting Dansguardian.
    /etc/init.d/dansguardian restart >/dev/null 2>&1

    # Finished Blacklist update.

    exit 0
    #### If everything went well, we exited here.
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You didn't tell us the name and location of the script, so let's assume it is called /usr/bin/

    To create a cronjob, run
    crontab -e
    Now you can simply put your cron job there. For example, if you want to run it on the first of each month at 00:59h, the cron job would look like this:
    59 0 1 * * /usr/bin/
    Also have a look here:
  5. abadi

    abadi New Member

    Thanks Falco & Till
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