ASSP With ISPConfig & Postfix

Discussion in 'General' started by infused, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. infused

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    [Solved] ASSP With ISPConfig & Postfix

    Hi all. I have installed ASSP on my box with ispconfig.

    I am running into some big problems.

    ASSP is filtering incoming mail no problem, my issue is with outgoing mail. I cannot send outgoing mail, also, the mailserver is now acting as an open relay.

    ASSP is on my external ip port 25. Postfix is on localhost:125

    Sending an email without authentication works (open relay, never use to) but trying to send using authentication does not work.

    I get this message:

    Here is my

    Also have this in in /var/log/mail.log

    Seems I don't have auth running. Is there a way to get that running with ispconfig?

    I am really banging my head here. I have followed the Debian perfect setup for ispconfig (etch).

    So I need to work out

    1) smtp auth only
    2) get mail sent out

    Can anyone provide me with some help?
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  2. infused

    infused New Member

    Further investigation I can see auth is installed... just does not seem to be working...

    However, when I login to the mail server I don't get a auth reply.

    and more for /var/log/mail.log

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  3. till

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    If you configured ASSP on your external IP, ASSP will have to handle the smtp auth and not postfix. I'amnot sure if ASSP has smtp-auth implemented as its basically just a smtp proxy and not a full mail server.
  4. infused

    infused New Member

    If assp is in test mode, everything works fine :S seems like something is blocking the auth command.

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