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  1. PsyVision

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    Hey guys,

    I'm kind of new to linux, yet not new to computers so i know what i'm doing to some extent. I'm attempting to setup my computer as a webserver, following along the lines of the Fedora Core 4 Perfect Setup guide.

    Just so you know where I'm at, I've installed linux, followed the guide and i'm at the installing ISPConfig stage.

    Network setup wise, i've purchased a domain,, i've set the name servers to and and when requested by my registrar i've put my static IP address in for both (i know this isn't good practice what with the idea of secondary being a back up, but i only have on IP).

    At home, I'm behind a linksys router, ive set my linux rig as DMZ zone, the IP address of my machine (eth0) is and the virtual ethernet adapter (eth0:0) is The hostname of my machine (entered during the FC4 setup is

    The linux machine will happily connect to the internet.

    The problem comes when installing ISPConfig, it happily accepts my mysql settings, when I come to input the IP address fof the ISPConfig web it wont accept but takes (i presume thats okay).

    The next two steps request the host name and domain, the examples are www and (respectivley). When entering www and for these, setup times out saying URL isn't reachable (as i expect).

    Now, I have installed ISPConfig before by using my IP as the domain, however, now I'm trying to actually do this properly and use a proper domain name I don't know what to put, it obviously won't work because I havent installed ISPConfig and don't have anythign setup in BIND for the DNS.

    In the end i would like to have the DNS and HTTP all running from this machine, I can get by with only being able to access ISPConfig locally (by putting the domain as my IP perhaps?).

    1. So, what should I put for the host name and domain during the ISPConfig setup?
    2. Can someone explain what this malarky with the virtual ethernet adapter is? What is the IP i actually end up using? (say if i wanted to port forward). Do i actually need to use it?

  2. till

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    If your domain is not connected yet to your server in DNS, use the IP to install ISPConfig. Then you can use the ISPConfig DNS-Manager to create the DNS records. Later, when your domain is connected correctly, you can exchange the IP in the file /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/ with your domain.

    If you only need one IP or if you can only forward one IP from your router to your server, you do not need the virtual Ethernet adapter with the second IP.
  3. PsyVision

    PsyVision New Member

    Thanks till for the response, I will remove the virtual adapter in that case and then use the IP to install ISPConfig.

    In ISPConfig i will then create a website and DNS settings for my domain. What are the DNS i need to add for both the ns1/ to work along with as a website? I presume I will need an A record and a CNAME record, do I use my public static IP for these or my internal server IP?
  4. PsyVision

    PsyVision New Member

    No worries, i figured out what i needed to put where.

    All seems to work fine :)

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