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  1. SamTzu

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    If you are interested in the history of this thread...

    So the first version of the ReSeller based automatic site creation script is ready.

    We attempted to make this script as simple as possible so that you can easily understand what it does and how it does it.

    Basically these PHP scripts allow the ReSales person to choose from a list of Joomla (this should work with any DataBased software like Drupal) installation profiles that are located in /home/administrator/cms/www -folder.

    You will propably want to install the web install.php script to some site under /var/www/ -directory.

    We attempted to make it easy to clone those Joomla installation folders so that you can easily add your own. (Remember to download the actual Joomla demo files from my site. I didn't include the 5mb package here to save space. Or you could just install one site of your own, copy the files under /home/administrator/cms/www -folder and export its database dump file under the /home/administrator/cms/www/sql folder with MyPHPAdmin. Remember to remove the configuration.php file from the /home/administrator/cms/www folder. Read the instructions, there are several of them.)

    After cloning the folders remember to add your new profiles to the icontent database.

    Instructions are included in all pertinent folders.

    Have fun. Hope this will be popular way to install different databased systems in ISPConfig.

    Now... Who wants to make an ISPConfig plugin out of this?

    PS. Remember to edit those two files that require the MySQL root password.

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  2. SamTzu

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    Remember to check the install.php file execution permissions if you get an "error".

    With suphp in use, you seem to need to add every ReSeller's ISPConfig user-name to the visudo list as with www-data.
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  3. SamTzu

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    First real live tests seem to work too well.
    There seems to be a problem with the authorization part of this process. Because the script runs as a root one of our tests accidentally over wrote a wrong website. :(

    web32 was mistyped as a web23 and voila. Disaster recovery.

    Need to figure out how to control the authorisazion part of this.

    Work continues. Moved the configuration file in to the database.
    Need to implement a check of "configuration.php" file before the rollout proceeds.
    If previous one exists - the installation halts.
    This way there can be no destructive installations over existing customers.

    Does anyone have any ideas about making a plugin out of this?
    Any recommendations? Would it be better to move the www repository dir under admispconfig folder?
    Where would you like to see the install.php by default? (Or maybe for security reasons it should always be under ReSellers own site.)

    Any other requests?
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  4. SamTzu

    SamTzu Active Member

    Ok. I consider this ReSeller installation script ready for production. It's not the safest/easiest scripts in the planet but it will do for now.

    Place cms in /home/administrator/ folder and
    place rs in /var/www/webNRx/web/ folder.
    Modify/Import icontent.sql database and assign it a password

    Feel free to make it better...

    I will place the new 1.1 version in the first post.
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  5. paxpacis

    paxpacis Member

    Hi Samtzu,

    This line is not helping me to install your script?
    Have you continued your work is it save to use now?

  6. SamTzu

    SamTzu Active Member

    We managed to get it to work safely for a while but then I "accidentally" overwrote the fixed script with the older one and now it's back to the "overwriting" version. Works quite nicely but I can't recommend it for weak harted :) ie. (You best have good backup's.)
  7. paxpacis

    paxpacis Member


    I'm not weak hearted but it is production ....

    I will have a look and implement the safety myself, the search for the configuration.php should be not that hard to implement..?

    I'll keep you posted..
  8. SamTzu

    SamTzu Active Member

    I'm told that unless you use suPHP modifying this script is not difficult.
    Let us know how it turns out.

    We are currently looking in to how to port this script to ISPConfig3.
    Any suggestions are welcome. Our company is willing to pay for working code (in the final version3.)
  9. paxpacis

    paxpacis Member


    We are migrating in 2 weeks to suPHP so I wait with installing and modifying the script.

    We do use or are planning to migrate to ISPConfig3..
    Maybe we can have a look at the Framenetwork for ISPConfig3 and see if we can create a package..

    p.s. you do not have to pay me.. it is your source to begin with..
  10. SamTzu

    SamTzu Active Member

    It's my pleasure to support OpenSource community financially.
    I strongly believe in it and since I have benefited from the work the community has made (see our shop made from OpenSource products and providing them to others) I believe it is only fair to share some of that money with those who do all the hard work involved.

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