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    I posted this in another thread earlier, however I figured it'd be better to start a new one for all those searching ISPConfig autosignup on search engines. Sometimes it's those small details that are hard to find. Thanks to all the developers of ISPConfig, the remoting framework,and the autosignup script pplz out there.

    Hello all,

    I've been playing with the remoting framework for some time now.

    First off, I just upgraded ISPConfig from 2.2.26 to the new 2.2.27 which was just recently released this October.

    If you have upgraded your ISPConfig software you MUST remove and reinstall the remoting framework (i'm using version 4.2). This can be done by removing the directory via:

    rm -Rf /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/tools/tools/remote

    Then download the remotingframework.pkg and install it through your System Update option within ISPConfig.

    Now go ahead and grab the autosignup script from:

    Now we have just a few modifications to do in order to make the script work with the latest version of ISPConfig Stable.

    Open up autosignup.php with your favorite editor. Add your server URL and your soap server URL. Also add your remoting user's username and password.

    Now open up your editors Find and Replace option....there are many editors in linux that have this functionality...if you're in windows I would suggest something like adobe dreamweaver.

    Find all of the soapclient fields and replace with soap_client.

    Now go back up to the top of your autosignup.php and open up your Find and Replace again...this type search for and replace all of these fields with the internal IP address of your ISPConfig server.

    Next open up soap.lib.php

    Search or rather Find all of the: soapclient entries within soap.lib.php and replace them with soap_client just as you did with the autosignup.php

    That's it you're done! Follow those steps and you should be'll have some fine tuning to do to customize your autosignup script however i just tested it today and it worked perfect.

    The Remoting Framework I've found changes at times and these changes can be missed due to the lack of details in documentation...or rather lack of documentation in general hehe...however i have to tip my hat and thank all of the developers who put in the hardwork and time to make the remoting framework as bad ass as it is today! I love it!

    I'm a SOAP tard, however one change that may confuse alot of newbies is the soap server at:

    In older versions of ISPConfig the above URL would present you with a login screen...which i've found is no longer the case. It simply tells you your soap server is working.

    I'd suggest downloading the Remoting Framework test scripts....check the soapclient to soap_client variables in the php files, enter your info, and if that works...well then all of the steps above are all you need to automate user signup!

    Hope this helps someone out there!

    Take care guys! ...and thanks and pr0pz to all the ISPConfig developers! Indeed my favorite Control Panel of all time!

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    I will be posting an ISPConfig Autosignup.pkg as soon as possible, which will allow autosignup on port 80 or SSL.

    Gotta love ISPConfig!

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    Original author

    FYI. This article was originally written by khayjake.

    I posted it before he joined the forums per request, months back.

    We are working on a brand new Database driven ISPConfig Billing/Autosignup framework with Paypal, 2checkout, and integration.

    After he's finished writing the billing software I'm going to try my best to turn it into an ISPConfig pkg file to ease the installation/configuration.

    Let us know if this would benefit you.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any issues or requests...or if you'd like to help with the project.

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    remote framework not working for me

    I can try anything but it is not working, I did all as stated above, no joy,
    see my posts in thread Remote Framework update... post1; post2 and post3 for what else I did.
    Anyone able to help me please?

    when I try to access I get this:
    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="">
    <faultactor>method '' not defined in service ''</faultactor>
    <soapVal xsi:type="xsd:string"/>
    soap_server: entering parseRequest() on 06:06 2009-05-06
    soap_server: Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
    soap_server: Accept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7
    soap_server: Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate
    soap_server: Accept-Language: en-gb,en;q=0.5
    soap_server: Connection: keep-alive
    soap_server: Cookie: PHPSESSID=some-string; sessionispconfig=some-other-string
    soap_server: Host:
    soap_server: Keep-Alive: 300
    soap_server: User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-GB; rv: Gecko/2009042316 Firefox/3.0.10 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    soap_server: got encoding: UTF-8
    soap_server: method name: 
    soap_server: method '' not found!
    soap_server: parser debug: 
    soap_parser: xml was empty, didn't parse!
    soap_server: server sending...
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    It means that your SOAP server works - now it has to be called from a SOAP client. Check the remoting framework example scripts.
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    Thanks for that info, I don't know what to check for in example I tried to set all as described in the posts mentioned above. However I still got only - 'Script end' Message. (Or script finished, I am not sure, writing from memory.

    I asked before: Is there something (some html) I have to put in the script? Say tables or so (I would suppose that yes but it was not mentioned at all, therefore I did not want to broke anything inside :rolleyes:).
    I tried both scripts one where is no html at all and second where is example from the other site, but I changed server and login info as per instructions.

    Another question is: does the framework have to be on the same domain as the server?

    Thank you for your reply and please help. I would really want to use it.

    Now I have to set everything manually from back as my few clients (non paying - charities I support, friends etc.!) are not familiar with ISPConfig. If this will work I will have much less work.
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    That's fine - second step done!

    You have now to uncomment special sections inside the test script to see e. g. a dump of a data array of admin's webs. After uncommenting a section change the params there with necessary data, mostly only one value of a keyed array like 'reseller_id', that match your client-/ web-/ dns- conditions on your server.

    At the end of course all this is useless if you don't know how to process retreived data or how data could be sent. You will need e. g. to create a form that call's the SOAP client script and passes input data to your server. If you don't know how this could be done then the framework is not for you.

    No. The client script can call from hell if there is an internet connection and username and password are not wrong.
  10. lubos

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    Therefore I need just to find someone to write for me page with my tables and calls for soaplibrary and it should work.
    I will post separate thread for that.
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  12. khayjake

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    Here you go

    Obviously my counterpart isnt good at keeping up on his posts...

    Here is the original 5s7 scripts i downloaded.

    keep in mind you will have to do the modifications as specified above.



    "Your friendly neighborhood administrator"

    Although disgruntled at the moment..

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    Remoting framework not working on 2.2.32

    The Remoting Framework is not working in 2.2.32?

    I'm running a fresh install ispconfig 2.3.32 & debian lenny, I have libxml2-dev & php-soap installed.

    The soap server shows it is running properly.

    I followed the very steps I've used to install the remoting framework several times and I am unable to get it to work! :(

    I would like to remove the remoting framework AND the database changes made by the remoting framework so I can possibly try again?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I really need the remoting framework to be functional.

  14. afandino

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    did you modify the compile file and recompile the application when installing ispconfig.

    that was what i was doing wrong and the compile file in 2.2.32 file is different than in previous releases.

    extract the install directory then modify the compile file ,then install ispconfig

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  15. kextra1

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    compile file

    I thought that XML was enabled by default a few releases back?

    Is that what you mean by editing the compile file to enable XML for the newest release for stable 2.2.32?

  16. afandino

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    Yes that is what i mean. you must compile the app for xml and dom i will dig up the compile file and post it here. Extract isp config to its install directory then go into that and edit the compile file. There was another error i found also in one of the remote framework files but this info has been posted here before.

  17. kextra1

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    XML compiling

    Okay, then if I've already installed ISPConfig 2.2.32 ALREADY without compiling xml because in 2.2.30 i was informed it's enabled by default....I CANNOT just reinstall the same version of ISPConfig over itself...I've done that before in the past and it messed up my entire install...

    How am i supposed to do it with webs already added. Uninstall ISPConfig leaving the webs and reinstalling after editing the config file to enable xml and dom like we all did in versions 2.2.27?

    Yeah about the RF file you're talking about the traffic was set to 1 instead of -1 or zero in one of the remoting files but that's been fixed, or so i was told.

  18. afandino

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    Unfortunately you will have to uninstall. Backup your sql database and restore that after the install. leave the web sites where they are. ln one of the soap files there where like three naming errors but i was not sure if that part of the code was being used.

    let me know how it goes.
  19. kextra1

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    When you uninstall ISPConfig it asks you if you want to keep or delete the web and user data.

    You should be able to do an uninstall, edit the config file to enable xml/dom and then just do a regular reinstall.

    Always a good idea to backup the ispconfigdb anyhow :)

    BTW, was there any mention of disabling XML again in the changelog?

  20. afandino

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    That is correct leave your websites and user data alone. do not remove them. back up your sql database first then uninstall leaving the web site files. then as soon as you finish your reinstall then restore your database and everything should come up in ispconfig. As far as the change log i have not seen anything that said they disabled remote framework. but from the experiences i have had even if it was stated that ispconfig had the framework enabled i never was able to get it to work without recompiling the install.


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