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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by george_yohng, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Default ISPConfig site log configuration includes only a document size, but not the actual download size. I wonder if it makes sense to add this to ISPConfig:

    1. Enable Apache mod_logio, if it is present
    2. Add %I %O to the end of ISP custom log in Apache's ispconfig.conf
    3. Modify AWStats log format template to have %bytesd not for the document size, but for where %O is placed.

    Presently - if a Chinese bot connects to the site to download 10MB file and immediately disconnects after downloading 1K, log will still register 10MB size for each request and thus awstats/ispconfig_bandwidth will report incorrect data.

    For hosted user accounts this makes sense, because a user may visibly exhaust his bandwidth allowance easily, without actually exhausting anything - by means of these false entries. This happens all the time when somebody uses a download manager to download files.

    I first noted this problem when my colleague asked, why our web site ISPConfig bandwidth stats stated 100GB bandwidth, while on a Cisco switch it was showing somewhere around 20MB consumed total traffic.

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    I dont see a problem if someone wants to make patches for this if this apache module is available in the default repositories of all supported linux distributions (debian, ubuntu, centos, fedora and suse) and if this setting is implemented to be configurable.
  3. george_yohng

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    I can certainly do it for my OpenSUSE installation script, and it is available in the default repository of OpenSUSE.

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