Backup a whole server to ACD (Amazon Drive Unlimited)

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Hishooked, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Hishooked

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    Hi. I'm running a Debian 8.7 „Jessie“ server with 5TB of data on it.

    So I want to made a backup of the whole system (/) to my cloud storage, not top secret stuff -> unencrypted is ok for me.
    Totally new to this, is there any way to do this with this tool called acd_cli?

    Server has a 2Gbps connection, unfortunately at home I only have 5Mbps at this moment and I need to made a backup very fast..
    Does anyone have any recommendations how to do this?
  2. c3n

    c3n Member

    i can recommend amazon glacier (cold storage)... there are several cli scripts for linux . I use it to make backup&forget large backups of projects which costs me several $/yr... the only problem is when You have to restore data. The price is larger if You want backup faster... but it is good solution for storing large amount of data... If You want to create whole system backup I assume that You've got some sort of partitions. Than I would create image of system partition backup it separately NOT ON COLD STORAGE - assume that it take several GBs ... the rest You can backup in portions i.e. documents, images etc. on COLD STORAGE (i.e. amazon glacier)

    backuping whole 5Tb in one piece is not wise because if it will be corrupted you lost everything...

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