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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by R2000, Apr 26, 2022.

  1. R2000

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    ISPConfig provides a Backup option, though no restoration.

    The SQL Backup needs fixing, as it fails on some kind of permission related issue, though the Backup of the Website/s is working fine, and my workaround to backup SQL Databases was using the Export from PHPMyAdmin. So thats no hardwork.

    My main question is, like CPanel, you can restore a full Website backup with one compressed file, including Databases.

    It would be nice if ISPConfig would introduce this restoration option, (As an option from the Main Domain) one upload of the compressed .tar.gz backup to restore ones Website/and/or/Entire Domain including SubDomains, and SQL Databases.

    Another feature (Analytical) that might be nice, is a Full Rundown of all Statistical Data (Through-put), Geo Location etc....Awstats, and System (In-One-Place) for the entire WebServer (ISPConfig) and a real-time statistical output of Load, Disk, CPU, all in one Spot, you get the picture. It has some of this information already, though nothing eye catching in Real-Time, I would like charts, rejected equests, breakdown of data.

    Cloudflare offers this, but its good to have it straight from your own Webserver, without ANY thirdparty.

    When you run a webserver you want to know everything, Network Packets, Threats, Input/Output, Main file types, Disk Load, SPI, Connections (TCP, UDP) Some options are there, but more GUI Pie Charts, Real-Time output for Visual Inspection. It does cause a Load doing this, though if you have enough Resources, its good to utilise.

    This would be nice to have in ISPConfig. Please impliment :)

    A High Security Risk is to share your traffic with Third Party`s to Analyse, when you can have capabilities in-house. Hosting, or So called "Cloud Computing" is a form of off-loading.

    Maybe im asking for an intrigrated Firewall Packet Inspection at Real-Time, and some Eye-Catching Charts. :)
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  2. R2000

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    One of the reasons this is helpful, and why i put this to you, is that my Licence is running out on VMware and i need to move my (Virtual Machine) sites/domains to a Hyper-V setup (as in my case right now), the restoration in one file makes life easy, instead of setting up correct ftp users, domain names, sub domains, sql databases. Statistical Backup information etc etc.

    I just want to load my new ISPConfig Hyper-V setup, and restore what i had setup from my VMWare setup. In one or two simple clicks.
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  3. Th0m

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    Which version of ISPConfig are you on? Which OS? Restoring a backup works fine here.

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