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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by chico11mbit, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. chico11mbit

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    i put the backups from Websites and databases on an external nfs volume. When this volume is unmounted/shutdown the entries for the existing backups under /websites/backups are gone even when i mount the nfs device.

    After the next backup cycle the new created backups are shown there but not the old ones.

    What is the proper way to bring these existing backups back in the GUI?
  2. till

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    You have to ensure that the nfs drive is mounted when the backup script is run or create a script /usr/local/ispconfig/server/scripts/ that contains the mount commands for the nfs drive, ispconfig will run this script automatically before the backup starts. When the nfs drive is not mounted, then ispconfig has to remove the old backups from interface as tehy dont exist anymore in the backup location.
  3. chico11mbit

    chico11mbit Member

    the strategy you prefer is not good. you say the script has to remove the backups from the interface because they don't exist anymore, but in fact they exist. the drive is just not mounted or unplugged. and i cannot run a mounting script when the drive is powered off.

    i have installed
    the backups from that script are back again in the interface when the nfs volume is mounted again.
  4. till

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    ISPConfig has to ensure that the backups in the backup drive are in sync with the database, otherwise someone might think that he has a backup of his files which is actually gone. The backup drive has to be online when the backup is run, so thats a fault in your setup.

    Good to know that the cleanup code in the mail backup is faulty, we will fix that for the 3.1 release so that the mail bacckup will be in sync with the existing backups as well.
  5. florian030

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    I think this is already fixed in 3.1. I don´t think, that i changeg the code for mail-backups without making the same changes to the web-backups. But i´ll check this.
    The main-problem with a nfs is, that you may loose the connection while the nas is mounted on the server. I would run a umount after the backups are done.
  6. florian030

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    If the nfs is not mounted after calling the backup still does not start and does not drop backups from the database.
    If you don´t set backup-dir-is-mount and you lost the connection to the nas, the script runs the backups, can´t write them and remove the entries from the database afterwards. But the mail-backup is using the same logic.
    WIth 3.1 it´s possible to use a umount-script for mounted backup-drives that should solve this problem.

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