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    I have been looking on the internet .. to figure out how to back my /home using tar ...
    but when i do (as root)

    cd /home

    tar zcvpf /mnt/backup/home.150805.tgz . > /mnt/backup/home.150805.log

    and untar it later

    in this drive /mnt/backup


    tar zxvf home.150805.tgz

    then i find out when comparing the ownership of the original files in /home to the untarred backup files in /mnt/backup ... that not all the files have preserved their ownership .. in /mnt/backup ... changed ownership to root while in /home .. they are still owned by their original owner .. e.g. 1000 ...

    Can anybody point out to me what i am doing wrong here ... give me a clue how to solve ..
    this .. what i want to achieve anyway .. is backup my /home so i can delete a few partitions (one of them is my original /home partition) and create a new bigger /home partition .. so i have less space issues .. where i have to untar my backed up /home ...
    change /etc/fstab accordingly ... and boot up again .. off course i need to do the deleting while being live for example with knoppix or so ...

    If anybody could help me out here .. i would appreciate it a lot ...

    Thanx already


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