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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Trimilur, Nov 20, 2022 at 6:29 AM.

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    I would also like to set up a backup mx and second nameserver as mentiuoned here:

    If I would follow this tut: I guess I would replicate all mail data inlcuding the mails in the mailboxes itself, but it should just work as a backup mx for delivery. Also the tutotrial says to set mx2 as a mirror of the Webserver as well ( System->Servers -> Activate Mirror for Webserver, mailserver, database, filserver). If I do so i would basically need the same amount of space for the backup mx server as for the main server. Is there an other way for just replicatiing the database for a backup mx and for using a second nameserver on the same server?
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    Always fun to read back my own threads that I wrote when I was a new ISPConfig user :)

    My recommended way is having a secondary MX that also stores the emails as described in the multiserver guide, which I wrote.
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    Does the ISPConfig Mirrorring setting by any chance only mirror settings and accounts and no user files? Cause I thought if I enable Webserver as a mirror that also all /web files are mirrored, arent they?
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    No, data is not mirrored. So web and mail data is not mirrored, you can set up a system (e.g. NFS) for it yourself.

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