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Discussion in 'Technical' started by m3tar, Nov 25, 2010.

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    hi every body
    i have question about openfiler san/nas
    my file server is openfiler that share with samba and kerbros to our clients . openfiler is joined to active directory
    i am wanna backup filer server (full, incremental , differentioal) but i have no idea about it.
    i try backup exec 2010 on win 2008 R2 & install linux agent on open filer when i start backuping rule , after 10 min crash the openfiler and the beremote service at agent to be stop.
    i know open filer support bacula but i dont know how to config it ?
    every body do you know graphical open source tools for backuping?

    by the way , i have tape library hp msl 2024 with 24 tape & freenas for backup with 3.5 T on the netwotk.
    the nic of Freenas is 10/100 & the nic of symantec media server & openfiler is 1000 that connect to 3750 cisco switch.

    please help me:confused:
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