for backup /var/backup/ on local machine with cygwin

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    I would like to know if this solution is a good one for backup all files in /var/backup/web*/*'Today'* (exemple: /var/backup/web30/db_c1gifts_2020-07-25_00-07.sql.gz)
    i work on a debian 10 with ispconfig 3
    i install cygwin on windows 10
    i share my solution that works perfectly but i don't know if it's a good one,
    now=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d");
    rsync -azvr -e 'sshpass -p "myloginpasswd" ssh -p myport -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no' [email protected]:"/var/backup/web*/*${now}*" /cygdrive/g/var/var-backup-${now}

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