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    Iam wondering if there are anybody there have a script doing the backup.

    I have 8 serveres in multiserver, and 1 backupserver with lot off storage.. But i need af script to take backup for the full ispconfig, services m.m

    I thinking about:


    Make folders in /home/backup/$day/$server/$backupped on my backup server..

    My backup server is with FTP Server so i think it would be the smartest way? But how?

    I want Full backup from everything every monday and incremental the last days..

    So i making just /home/backup and each server have a script when copy the data to backupserver(/home/backup)

    And send a e-mail with success og failure..

    Are there anybody there have this script or can help me with it?
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    With that many servers i would consider more robust backup solution like Bacula or Amanda.
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