Backups do not work in Current version: 3.1.1p1

Discussion in 'General' started by kike28101, Nov 27, 2016.

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    Hello everyone
    I need help for ISPConfig 3
    Since I upgraded to the new version Current version: 3.1.1p1, I do not back up the two web pages I have on the panel,
    In the buckup tab of Domain Web, are activated Interval of backup in daily and in Number of backups are in 2

    In System> Server, the time for buckups is activated, the checkbox in the Backup directory is also checked?
    I've missed something?

    In another different VPS server I have done a clean installation of the ISPConfig- version, I uploaded the backup of the webs that I had saved before and I left two days of time to see, and in this old version it works perfectly The backups.

    Lanzo issue to the developers:
    It is possible that the time switch for the new summer will somehow block the creation of the backups

    It's a VPS with Debian 8 Jessie

    I do not know what it can be, in the old version it worked very well the backups
    Thank you

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