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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by idscomm, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. idscomm

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    I am managing my Joomla Websites from my Local Network (LAN) and for some reason, once in a while I get banned... Well that's what I figured since I can't access my site for a certain amount of time. I stopped the fail2ban service and it did not make a difference, I still did not have access.... Any idea what can block or ban my IP other than fail2ban? I am a bit confused and have limited knowledge in Linux. At some point one of my site was available but not the other one (if this can help you)...

    I followed the "The Perfect Server CentOS 7" Procedure to setup my ISPConfig 3 Server...
    ISPConfig 3
    CentOS 7

    Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Are you using any plugin/component within your Joomla installation? Like rsfirewall?
    Which may have been blocking you, since the other site is working fine for you so its not the server but something within your website.
  3. lordimac

    lordimac New Member

    Stopping the Fail2Ban Service doesn't delete the filter. You still have to check your Iptables Filters for your (banned) IP.

    iptables -L
  4. idscomm

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    Both sites are inaccessible .... No I am not using any third party extension or firewall so my guess is that it is coming from my ISPConfig installation and one of the tools installed with it that is why I suspected fail2ban...
  5. idscomm

    idscomm New Member

    Thanks! So running iptables -L when I can't reach my sites will tell me if my IP is in a "ban" list?
  6. lordimac

    lordimac New Member

    Yes, if you still have access to SSH.

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