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    Hi all,

    I could really use some help with some bash coding, and reading stuff from a database.

    Lets say that the owner of the DB is named: root
    His password is: 12345
    The name of the MySql databaes it: somename
    The server is: localhost

    The quiry to create the database looks like this:
    CREATE TABLE `name_users` (
      `ID` int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,
      `user_name` varchar(50) default NULL,
      `user_emailaddress` varchar(50) default NULL,
      `user_info` varchar(50) default NULL,
      UNIQUE KEY `ID` (`ID`)

    Now how do I read the database named 'somename', read the table 'named_users' and show only the results of 'user_name' and 'user_info' (like this)

    frank		some user info about frank here
    peter		some user info about peter here
    steven		some user info about steven here
    This all needs to be dumped in a 'txt' file.

    Anyone here who could give me some help / samples with this?
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    If you want to do this from a shell script, have a look at the mysql command:
    man mysql
    There's an option (-e) that lets you execute MySQL queries directly from the shell.
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    mysql -e SELECT user_name, user_info FROM named_users -u <mysqlusername> -p <mysqlpassword> somename

    or something like that
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