Best solution for my web server?

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  1. iRock292

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    I'm still trying to decide what to use to host my site.

    I need to be able to host a "simplemachines" forum.
    I have a database dump from the previous site (.sql file) that I want to restore to the new one.

    I was also wondering would it be possible to allow users to upload their own images/videos to the forums (using diskspace on my server) and what is the best solution for this.

    What sort of speeds can I expect if I host the site at home on my 6Meg connection?

    All advice appreciated!


  2. iRock292

    iRock292 New Member


    Any advice on this one anybody?
  3. falko

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  4. rayit

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    home speed ok?

    Why not give it a try! I also started at home.....

    Important is the upload speed of your connection.
    Probably you have about 1Mbit(+- 125KB)upload, this should be ok to host a forum. It will only be slow if somebody starts downloading and using full bandwidth.

    you can use phpmyadmin to upload the script again.
    I would use ISPConfig and the howto's to make live easy.

    You should also know how to configure your router to forward ports..

    etc.. etc..
    If you need to know more just ask..


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